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Blossom - Plant Identification v1.53.0   

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Blossom - Plant Identification v1.53.0

Blossom - Plant Identification v1.53.0

Requirements: Android 7.0+ | File size: 76,64 MB

Discover Blossom - your reliable plant care guide and a pocket plant identifier app! Identify plants, flowers, succulents, trees by photo and get how-tos and useful plant care tips. Set timely reminders to water your greenery on time without drowning it. Find out the best way to fertilize and repot your plants and flowers. Snap a picture of a tree to identify and learn more about it. Start growing your private blossoming garden!

Plant identifying and growing can be real fun! With the Blossom plant identifier app, you can learn everything you need to give your green friends a long and happy life.


• Accurate plant recognition
Instantly identify over 10,000 of plants, flowers, succulents, and trees by picture. Simply take a photo of a plant or use a picture on your phone, and our app will identify it in a snap!

• Plant disease identification
Need plant 911? Take a snap of a sick plant or upload a photo from your gallery and get extensive disease and treatment info.

• Virtual care assistant
Consult with our chatbot, the Blossom Assistant, to identify your plant's problems and get your green buddies thriving again.

• Garden for edible plants
Grow organic edible plants with Blossom! Plan your seeding season with a personalized planting calendar, and get additional care reminders for your garden.

• Botanist hotline
Send a message to get extensive plant care and treatment advice from our botany experts.

• Plant care reminders
Get notified when it's time to water, fertilize, and repot. Blossom can even create care reminders automatically, based on each specific plant's needs.

• Personal plant collection
Keep track of your green friends in one place! Group plants by room types or create separate plant folders based on your own criteria.

• Water calculator
Get customized watering recommendations, based on your plant type and the size of a pot.

• Useful information and smart tips
Need to know when your plant will flower or what trees grow in your garden? Identify plants by photo or search the plant name in our database to get detailed information about each plant's features and caring instructions.

• Green blog
Discover tons of plant care articles, tips and video tutorials in our constantly updated blog!

• Notes
Journal the life of your plants - monitor their growth and development, celebrate the first blooms, describe your plant care routine, or attach photos to see how your plant has changed.

• Light meter
Let us show you the light (and what it means!). Measure the light conditions in your space and find the best locations for your plants.


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