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Materialise Magics 25.01 (x64)   

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Materialise Magics 25.01 (x64)

Materialise Magics 25.01 (x64)

File Size: 1.36 GB

Without the right software, making a 3D design file printable takes a lot of time and effort. Magics simplifies data and build preparation with one easy-to-use solution that includes both CAD and mesh tools. Whether you want precise control over your workflow or quick, optimized enhancements at the click of a button, Magics guides you to success.

Why Magics?

Support through the full workflow

Whether you're importing files, slicing builds, or any step in between, Magics provides the tools.

Advanced control

Gain impressive precision throughout your workflow by defining parameters that best suit your needs.

Increased productivity

Automate processes with specialized modules that reduce prep time and boost your production rate.

Technology neutral

No matter the technologies or materials you use, you deserve one solution to meet all your needs.

Features of Magics and its modules

Import data types and formats

Import nearly all file formats, retain native color information, and stay in control of your original data.

Repair, edit, and enhance

Ensure parts are printable and high quality with capabilities such as automatic fixing, offsets, and lattice structures.

Transfer designs to your machine

Carry out steps like slicing and orientation with precision, and clearly communicate the information to your machine.

Generate reports

Keep track of builds and ensure repeatability with automatic reports that require minimal human effort.

Simplify nesting

Nest parts using Magics for advanced speed and control within your workflow.

Automate support generation

Optimize the creation of support structures and reduce time spent doing so.

Analyze builds

Avoid costly build failures using analysis features that detect potential issues.


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