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Udemy - Google Apps Script Complete Course New IDE 100+ Examples
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Udemy - Google Apps Script Complete Course New IDE 100+ Examples
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 272 lectures (22h 19m) | Size: 8.06 GB
Google Apps Script New Version 2021 Create custom functions within G Suite Docs Sheets GMail Drive Calendar and more

What you'll learn:
Create custom functions within GSuite Apps Docs Sheets Gmail Slides
Explore how to write Google Apps Script Code within G Suite App
Create Google Script to power Google Apps
Create custom functions and macros for Google Sheets
Add custom menus, dialogs, and sidebars to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms
Publish web apps - either standalone or embedded in Google Sites
Interact with other Google services
Build add-ons to extend Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms
jаvascript and basic HTML and CSS knowledge
Internet Access
Google Account
Basic Web development understanding
New IDE - More functions - Exciting new Course!!!!
Google Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with Google Workspace.
Code is in modern jаvascript
Access to built in libraries that can really power up your Google Workspace App
Connect Google Workspace applications like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and more.
Interact with other Google services Calendar, Drive, Gmail, and Maps.
Nothing to install - code editor right in your browser
Your scripts run on Google's servers
Extending Google Workspace with Add-ons
Rapid application development platform based on jаvascript that lets you create business and productivity applications quickly and easily.
Loaded with Google Apps Script Code Examples - 100s of code snippets to do amazing things with Google G Suite - Sample projects to create advanced functionality with Google Apps - Google Services
Add custom menus, dialogs, and sidebars to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms.
Publish web apps - either standalone or embedded in Google Sites.
Create customized user interfaces that are directly integrated into Google Workspace applications.
Boost workflow efficiency when working with Google Workspace by automating or streamlining tasks
Connect to non-Google services within Google Workspace applications, allowing you to retrieve or upload data from those services into and from Google Workspace
Explore what you can create and how you can release functionality within your G Suite apps - Help with productivity connect Google Services together to DO EVEN MORE!!!! Based on jаvascript ES6+ now packs more power with an easier to use editor - making coding fun.
Google apps script works the way you expect and need it to work - its by far my favorite coding language - if you've never used Apps Script before then this is something that you must try. Once you start writing code with apps script it will change everything.
Google Workspace services are services that let you access the data of Google Workspace products such as Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and others. These services are separate from APIs created for those products; in general, Google Workspace services are easier to use than Google Workspace APIs, but are optimized for only the most common use cases.
Taught by a Google Developer Expert recognized GDE - with over 20 years of Coding Experience specializing in Google Apps Script - ready to help you learn more about creating amazing things with Google Apps Script.
Introduction to Getting Started with Google Apps Script
Standalone vs Bound Scripts
Script editor and Apps Script Dashboard
Writing Code creating Apps Script create a Doc with Script
What's New with Apps Script Editor
Creating and Deploying a Webapp doGet() - HTML output in WebApp URL
Deployment of webapp Dev version and Exec Version.
Google Apps Script Sheets Spreadsheet Service Class SpreadsheetApp
This service allows scripts to create, access, and modify Google Sheets files. Access and create Google Sheets files.
How Macros work - generating Google Apps Script with Macro Recordings in Sheets
SpreadsheetApp Class - Selecting Spreadsheet to manipulate with Code
SpreadsheetApp methods SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet()
Selecting Sheets within a Spreadsheet - Spreadsheet object methods - Get data and contents of a Sheet into an array. sheet.getDataRange() data.getValues() sheet.getName()
Standalone script selecting a sheet by URL or ID. List sheets - update sheet names sheet.setName();
Create New Sheets on the fly with Apps Script - insertSheet()
Sheet ranges - updating the background colors of cells, selecting cells and ranges of cells. getRange() getRange(a1Notation) A1Notation the default method used for creating (and displaying) cell references to other cells. All cell addresses in A1 notation consist of a column letter and a row number
Get range by numeric row and column values. sheet.getRange(rows,cols) range.setBackground(backColor) , range.setFontColor('white'), range.setFontSize(mySize+cols), range.setValue(total); getRange(row, column)
MultiDimension arrays for content rows within the sheet. Get the range update content getRange(row, column, numRows, numColumns) getRange(row, column, numRows)
Debugging and Dashboard settings
Sheet object common methods - getLastColumn() getLastRow()
Get Selection getSelection()
Mini App - Copy Sheet Data to other part of Sheet
Get all the Data range from Sheet object sheet.getDataRange(); Returns a Range corresponding to the dimensions in which data is present.
Dialogs and custom UI buttons - UI Menu within Sheets
Append Row - add new rows - Add row on top appendRow(rowContents)
Insert insertRows(rowIndex)
Cell Formulas - spreadsheet.getRange().activate() .setFormula()
Custom Functions using the custom function Using a custom function - Is Email mini App
Mini App - Copy Sheet to another new sheet
Adding Notes to Cells
Coding App MiniProject Challenge - Create a Custom Logger into a Sheet - track messages into log
Coding App MiniProject Challenge - Create a custom Prepend Function Prepend Row Exercise
Google Apps Script Docs Document Service Class DocumentApp
This service allows scripts to create, access, and modify Google Docs files. The document service creates and opens Documents that can be edited.
Bound Script getActiveDocument()
Select and add Content to Body getBody() appendParagraph() appendPageBreak()
StandAlone Script DocumentApp.openById()
Add Body Content appendHorizontalRule()
Create a Doc using Script DocumentApp.create()
Get Doc properties add to itself within the new Doc
Set Name Get Editors and Get URL
Select Text getText()
Use jаvascript Loop to generate rows of content
Translate selected Content to Spanish LanguageApp.translate()
body.getParagraphs() select and update text within Paragraphs
DocumentApp Types and setting of DocumentApp.TextAlignment
Body Get Children getChild() .setFontSize() .getNumChildren() with loop to iterate body children element containers
Style Attributes DocumentApp.Attribute
Replace text body.replaceText()
el.setAttributes(); using attribute object values and properties
Clear body content
Add list items
Add Tables data types
DocumentApp UI prompt and alert
Active User Session.getActiveUser()
UI DocumentApp showModalDialog() HTML output HTML from File
Cursor position getCursor()
editAsText() set part of text as bold
Selected Text toUpperCase() getActiveDocument().getSelection()
Adding Bookmarks with Code addBookmark()
Insert Image into Document
ReplaceText Exercise
Exercise Sheet data to Doc Table
Coding App MiniProject Challenge - Add Text within the doc press menu button
Coding App MiniProject Challenge - Find and highlight text from Doc Content
Coding App MiniProject Challenge - Insert Images in Doc content Insert Images
Google Apps Script Drive Service Class DriveApp
This service allows scripts to create, find, and modify files and folders in Google Drive.
Selecting files log all the file names from the drive
Introduction to Apps Script DriveApp Service getFiles
How to Get Files in specific Folder using DriveApp Service
Create a File HTML file make files within your gDrive apps script DriveApp Create a File
Drive details get storage Get info and gdrive folder Drive Details
Classes File Class
Trash files move to trash Send Files to Trash with Google Apps Script
File permissions set File Access Permissions with Google Apps Script
Class FileIterator
Folders Class Folder
Set permissions and remove permission on Folder
Get details of Folder Class FolderIterator
User Object
Coding App MiniProject Challenge - create an app to list folder details into Sheet
Coding App MiniProject Move File from one folder to another
Coding App MiniProject Search files return file object
Coding App MiniProject Add and Remove Editors
Coding App MiniProject Webapp folder urls in webapp from Search
Google Apps Script Gmail Service Class GmailApp
This Service lets you send email, compose drafts, manage labels, mark messages and threads, and conduct a variety of other Gmail account management tasks. See also Mail Service, a simpler service that only allows the sending of email.
Mail Service vs GmailApp Service sendEmail(recipient, subject, body) This service allows scripts to send email on a user's behalf. Unlike Gmail Service, Mail Service's sole purpose is sending email; it cannot access a user's Gmail account. This service allows users to send emails with complete control over the content of the email. Sending an email in Mail Service sendEmail(recipient, subject, body, options) getRemainingDailyQuota() Sending an email in Mail Service sendEmail
Sending an email in GmailApp Service sendEmail(recipient, subject, body) sendEmail(recipient, subject, body, options) How to send emails - Sending Emails with Apps Script
Create a draft email createDraft(recipient, subject, body, options) Drafts email in GmailApp Service
getMessage() method in emails Threads within Gmail using GmailApp Service Inbox Threads.
Sending an email from HTML template file
Coding App MiniProject Use Doc as Email template
Replace of content in email use it as a template
Coding App MiniProject how to use Spreadsheet data list to Send Emails
Coding App MiniProject Challenge send bulk emails from list in Sheets
GmailApp Chat threads
Making a draft email
Mark message as read markMessageRead(message) Marks this message read and forces the message to refresh.
Add a Star to Message starMessage(message) getStarredThreads(start, max) Retrieves a range of starred threads irrespective of labels.
Get user labels apply labels getUserLabels() Retrieves a list of user-created labels.
moveMessageToTrash(message) Message object
Search for message contents search(query, start, max) Search Gmail with the given query.
Coding App MiniProject Class GmailAttachment - send and create attachments - Get attachments GmailApp Attachment Class
access Chat Threads GmailApp class using Apps Script
find messages - apps script GmailApp Search.
Google Apps Script Calendar Service Class CalendarApp
This service allows a script to access and modify the user's Google Calendar, including additional calendars that the user is subscribed to. Allows a script to read and update the user's Google Calendar. This class provides direct access to the user's default calendar, as well as the ability to retrieve additional calendars that the user owns or is subscribed to.
CalendarApp add location to info Class Calendar
Get Events with options
Full day events within the calendar
Add events with series
Selecting Calendars using CalendarApp Class Code example
Delete create and hide calendar
How to update Google Calendar Name add Description
Update calendar color , description and name
Select and Update Calendar Events CalendarApp Event Class Examples
Create Events
Project - Challenge - Spreadsheet Calendar Lister - CalendarApp and SpreadsheetApp Project
Calendar Event Guest
Calendar Event Class using Google Apps Script
Get Guest details - update guests add and remove guest class
EventGuest updates Represents a guest of an event.
EventRecurrence class set the recurrence settings for an event series.
GuestStatus get guest statuses a guest can have for an event.
Update RecurrenceRule which represents a recurrence rule for an event series.
Coding App MiniProject Spreadsheet Calendar Lister - CalendarApp and SpreadsheetApp Project
create Events CalendarApp within Google Calendar with Apps Script
Google Apps Script Slides Service Class SlidesApp
This service allows scripts to create, access, and modify Google Slides files. Google Slides documentation and features of the Slides service.
Create a Slide - open by slide id
How to use Slides Service Class SlidesApp with Google Apps Script
Slides Bound Script Updates select slides within Google Slides and get Slides Update them
Slides UI Add a custom menu to the active presentation, including a separator and a sub-menu
A slide in a presentation. Class Slide
Coding App MiniProject remove a slide from Google Slides presentation Remove Slide Button
add custom menu options for Slides Users SlideApp UI Menu
Presentation Class - appendSlide add Editor set Slide Background
Update textStyle Background Color Get TextRanges Get Page Elements Get Slides
Add UI menu button to duplicate Slide from Current Selection Code Example
Insert Drive Images with UI button Delete and remove selected Slides
List layouts Update Master Find text in shapes and remove shapes Source Code
Coding App MiniProject Create a Presentation from Sheets Generate Slides from Sheet data - Project
Google Apps Script Forms Service Class FormApp
This service allows scripts to create, access, and modify Google Forms. Allows a script to open an existing Form or create a new one.
Create a form create a form with Apps Script Forms Service Create a Form
Add Items to a form grid items, multiple choice and date items
Get Form items update
Update existing form items with new values make required
Add items to Form using Google Apps Script to Google Form using FormApp
setup Feedback within Google Form Feedback Within Form
FormApp Class FormResponse
Setting form to quiz
Adding Form Feedback
Setting Form to Quiz updating adding Feedback to form choices
Coding App MiniProject FormResponses into Sheet Project Get form responses add to spreadsheet Project
Coding App MiniProject send Google Form Responses list them within a Google Sheet FormResponse
Coding App MiniProject How to Create a Math Quiz in Google Forms Apps Script Quiz Generator Project
Set Progressbar shuffle questions add Scale Item Examples
Google Apps Script Google Workspace services
Google Workspace services are easier to use than Google Workspace APIs, but are optimized for only the most common use cases. Coding examples of common Google Apps Script Services
Class ContactsApp within Google Services Apps Script
use LanguageApp Service within Google Apps Script
generate Maps using Maps Service within Google Apps Script
Google Apps Script Base Services Examples of Code
Coding Example using Content Service with Apps Script
Coding Example HTML Service within Google Apps Script
Send data from client side back to Google Apps Script Class google script host
Google WebApp Client Side data scriptlets services Host services Google
Store values within Google Apps Script Class PropertiesService User Doc or script
Create a request tohttp endpoint API using UrlFetchApp Class
Google Apps Script Common Services Mini Apps and Useful Coding Examples
Examples of mini projects and Code examples for applying Google Apps Script to Create added functionality within G Suite Services
Coding App MiniProject Create Charts in Google Spreadsheets setup Sheets
Coding App MiniProject add Charts to Slides Create Slides Presentation
Coding App MiniProject Create PDF in Drive email as Attachment Slides as PDF in Drive.
Coding App MiniProject - Docs UI menu Interactive
Coding App MiniProject - Sheets UI menu button for advanced interaction
Getting to know Sheets Simple Triggers on Edit and Change run some code
Create a webapp onGet onPost Simple triggers with Apps Script
Automation setup Triggers run code on events and regular time intervals
Creating a multi page webapp with apps script
Interactive Document custom functions Introduction Document UI File Docs Interactive Project
Custom webapp Quiz Setup from sheets using a web app
Explore how to deploy your apps script project as an Addon Extending Google Workspace. Add-ons are customized applications that integrate with Google Workspace productivity applications such as Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Docs.
Taught by a Google Developer Expert instructor with over 20 years of web dev experience ready to help you learn more about Google Apps Script
Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to create amazing things using Google Scripts
jаvascript developers who want to empower Google suite of products
Web developers who want to incorporate Google Script functionality
Application developers who want to access the power of Google G Suite
App Script Google Script developers

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