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Level I Cfa® Prep Course 2022 2023 - Economics   

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Level I Cfa® Prep Course 2022 2023 - Economics
Last updated 9/2022
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Deep dive into Economics with the Bestselling CFA® prep course provider | With visual learning + Quizzes
What you'll learn
Calculate and interpret elasticities
Determine and interpret breakeven and shutdown points of production
Understand the characteristics and pricing strategy of perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and pure monopoly
Calculate and explain GDP using expenditure and income approaches
Explain movements in aggregate demand and supply curves
Understand the theories of the business cycle
Explain inflation, hyperinflation, disinflation, and deflation
Distinguish between cost-push and demand-pull inflation
Understand and describe tools for monetary and fiscal policy
Describe roles, objectives and desirable qualities of central banks
Compare GDP vs GNP
Describe the balance of payments accounts including their components
Calculate and interpret currency cross-rates
Explain the arbitrage relationship between currency spot rates, forward rates, and interest rates
Basic mathematics knowledge
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Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 How To Get The Most Out Of This Course
Lecture 2 Formulas, Definitions, Diagrams at your FINGERTIPS!
Section 2: Topics in Demand and Supply Analysis
Lecture 3 Own-Price Elasticity of Demand
Lecture 4 Cross Price and Income Elasticity of Demand
Lecture 5 Substitution and Income Effects
Lecture 6 Marginal Returns and Productivity
Lecture 7 Breakeven and Shutdown Analysis
Lecture 8 Economies and Diseconomies of Scale
Lecture 9 Test Your Understanding
Section 3: The Firm and Market Structures
Lecture 10 Characteristics of Market Structure
Lecture 11 Perfect Competition
Lecture 12 Monopolistic Competition
Lecture 13 Oligopoly
Lecture 14 Monopoly
Lecture 15 Pricing Strategy
Lecture 16 Measuring Market Concentration
Lecture 17 Test Your Understanding
Section 4: Aggregate Output, Prices, and Economic Growth
Lecture 18 Introduction to GDP
Lecture 19 Components of GDP
Lecture 20 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
Lecture 21 Shifts in Aggregate Demand and Supply
Lecture 22 Macroeconomic Equilibrium
Lecture 23 Economic Growth and Sustainability
Lecture 24 Test Your Understanding
Section 5: Understanding Business Cycles
Lecture 25 Overview of the Business Cycle
Lecture 26 Theories of the Business Cycle
Lecture 27 Credit Cycles (2022)
Lecture 28 Unemployment
Lecture 29 Inflation
Lecture 30 Measuring Inflation
Lecture 31 Economic Indicators
Lecture 32 Test Your Understanding
Section 6: Introduction to Geopolitics (2023)
Lecture 33 Geopolitical Interactions and Globalisation (2023)
Lecture 34 Geopolitics: Tools and Risks (2023)
Section 7: Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Lecture 35 Money and its Creation Process
Lecture 36 Demand and Supply of Money
Lecture 37 Expected and Unexpected Inflation
Lecture 38 Roles and Desirable Qualities of the Central Bank
Lecture 39 Monetary Policy Tools
Lecture 40 Limitations of Monetary Policy
Lecture 41 Fiscal Policy
Lecture 42 Fiscal Policy Tools
Lecture 43 Interaction Between Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Lecture 44 Test Your Understanding
Section 8: International Trade and Capital Flows
Lecture 45 International Trade
Lecture 46 Trade Restrictions and Trade Agreements
Lecture 47 Capital Restrictions
Lecture 48 Balance of Payments
Lecture 49 Trade Organisations
Lecture 50 Test Your Understanding
Section 9: Currency Exchange Rates
Lecture 51 Foreign Exchange Rates
Lecture 52 Forward Exchange Rates
Lecture 53 Exchange Rate Regimes
Lecture 54 Exchange Rates, International Trade, and Capital Flows
Lecture 55 Test Your Understanding
Section 10: BONUS: Further resources for your exam prep
Lecture 56 BONUS: Further resources for your exam prep
This course is for CFA Level 1 Candidates,This course is for people who are interested in the CFA Program

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