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Linkedin Growth Secrets   

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Linkedin Growth Secrets
Published 11/2022
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Discover how to grow your LinkedIn followers, get incredible job opportunities, and get hundreds of free leads
What you'll learn
How to identify your niche and become a personal branding expert
How to generate inbound leads on auto-pilot
How to increase your follower base on LinkedIn
Right way to communicate with prospects
Basic Computer Knowledge
The one thing everyone is crazy about is Money right??? When used effectively, LinkedIn flows in that direction. When people are looking for jobs, they often don't put a lot of effort into their LinkedIn profiles. They might just copy and pasted some points from the resume and haven't been on it in a while because they consider it "old school" compared to other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter which most millennials use instead! It can be quite the opposite, with LinkedIn offering a plethora of opportunities for job seekers, such as forming connections, keeping track of companies and events, and even doing all the job searching for them. Using LinkedIn effectively can be a powerful career tool, but knowing how to use it is not always easy. That is why following a proven successful method is always necessary. In your Linkedin Growth Approach As the key decision-makers are on Linkedin A whopping 87% of recruiters find LinkedIn to be the most effective when vetting candidates during the hiring process – especially those under 45 yrs. But how? Having an active and well-put-together LinkedIn profile will, thus, significantly increase the chances of your being discovered by various companies looking to hire people based on your skills and experience. Potential employers will contact you if they think you will be a good fit for their organization, instead of you having to look at and contact each company actively. It is a gold mine, and I want to share all the secrets I used to attract leads to my profile. That's where this LinkedIn Growth Secrets course comes in. It will teach you everything you need to know about using LinkedIn to get more followers, leads, and job opportunities. The best part is that this method works even if you have no experience with social media or online marketing. The GOOD NEWS is no matter what you do. It works perfectly for 1. Students, or working professionals who are looking for a new job opportunity 2. B2B businesses who are looking for collaboration and clients 3. Anyone who wants to build their personal brand 4. Any business that wants to attract professional leads So if you're ready to take your business or career to the next level, sign up for this course today!
Section 1: Let's get to the basics
Lecture 1 What's LinkedIn all about?
Lecture 2 What can LinkedIn do for you?
Section 2: Niche Discovery Secrets
Lecture 3 Niche Discovery Formula 1
Lecture 4 Niche Discovery Formula 2
Lecture 5 Niche Discovery Formula 3
Lecture 6 Niche vs Micro Niche
Lecture 7 Understanding Audience Persona
Section 3: Optimizing your Kickass profile
Lecture 8 Setting up your profile
Lecture 9 Customizing your profile URL
Lecture 10 The VCAE Blueprint
Lecture 11 Headline hacks explained
Lecture 12 Getting to know the about section
Lecture 13 Click funnel using the LinkedIn Featured Section
Lecture 14 Incorporation of Professional History
Lecture 15 Showcasing your skills
Lecture 16 Recommendations with references
Lecture 17 Headshot: The right way to do it
Lecture 18 Cover picture
Lecture 19 Profile video explanation + Examples
Lecture 20 Analysing with Resumeworded
Section 4: Content Magic
Lecture 21 Mysteries behind the Dwell algorithm (with secrets)
Lecture 22 The 6 questions you should ask yourself
Lecture 23 Categories & types of posts on LinkedIn
Lecture 24 The Hook & the Hammer technique (with hook ideations)
Lecture 25 Content Calendar for 60 Days
Lecture 26 LinkedIn Errors
Lecture 27 When to post?
Lecture 28 Quick Branding Tips
Section 5: Where the MONEY is
Lecture 29 Connection Gameplay - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree
Lecture 30 Boolean Search
Lecture 31 Using Linkedin Xray Hack
Lecture 32 Types of Account
Lecture 33 Game of Connection
Lecture 34 Groups and Events Strategy
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