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Learning Unreal Engine From Beginner To Pro   

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Learning Unreal Engine  From Beginner To Pro
Published 1/2023
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Get Up To Speed With A Working Knowledge Of Unreal Engine 4 and 5 Fast, And Have Fun At The Same Time
What you'll learn
You will learn how to download & install your personal free copy of Unreal Engine
You will learn how to create your first Unreal Engine scene
You will learn how to import assets to the Unreal Engine
You will learn how to apply materials to your imported asset
You will learn how to light a scene - in just a few simple steps
You will learn how to create an animation sequence and add your assets to the sequence
You will learn how to create a simple animation - ready to render in high-definition video
You will learn how to export your scene out to a video file, ready for further manipulation
You will learn how to create a stunning cinematic animation scene in Unreal Engine, from beginning to end
You will learn how to create the scene in the "Preview This Course" video, step-by-step
You will receive all scene files including alien character, male & female characters, spaceship interior & music
Learn the benefits of "real-time rendering and animation" - a true game changer in the industry
You will learn how to export a Genesis character from Daz Studio, and import it to Mixamo to prepare for animation
Learn how to export the character and animations from Mixamo and then import them to Unreal Engine 4
You will learn how to use realistic Pbr (Physically based rendering) Materials in your scene to give ultra realism
You will learn how to create smooth camera moves inside Unreal Engine 4, giving your scene a professional cinematic look and feel
You will learn how to color grade your scene with HitFilm Express ( a free video editing program) and upload your finished scene to YouTube
You will get a tutorial on how to use Unreal Engine 4's "Decals" which will give your scene a new level of realism
The Complete Unreal Engine Scene File Ready To Go Out-of-the-Box
A Really Cool Toon House To Use In Your Scenes Created by Michael Ricks ($25.00 value)
Four (4) Rigged Daz Original Toon Characters Included With the Course Created by Michael Ricks ($60.00 retail value)
Rigged Robot character included in course (compliments of Epic Games)
You will learn how to create high quality facial animations & more
Learn how to export morph targets (expressions) out of Daz Studio and bring them into Unreal Engine 4
Create high quality blink animations, the basis for realistic characters
Animate side-to-side and up & down eye movements for believable characters
Animate Mouth movements and mouth expressions.
Animate head movements with the little known animation tools within Unreal Engine 4
Create believable, expressive expressions, right within Unreal Engine 4
Includes the incredibly detailed Paragon Sevarog and Paragon Narbash fully rigged characters
You will learn how to use the incredibly fun and powerful cloth tools in Unreal Engine in a few easy steps
You will learn the easy, simple steps to create real-time cloth animation inside of Unreal Engine 4
You will learn how to use physics assets in Unreal Engine 4 that will interact with cloth and clothing
No additional software programs are needed to achieve cloth simulation & animation other than Unreal Engine
You will learn how to create an "Animation Asset" from your cloth and physics character setup
Use your characters in games, film, television and commercials
Easy and fun - once you know the simple steps
You will learn how to jump into iClone 7 and get a fast start to animating your characters
Learn how to create an original 3d Character in Character Creator 3
Learn how to send your character to iClone 7 ready for animation
Learn how to pose and animate your character in iClone 7
Learn how to perform facial animation and lip sync with your character
Discover how to use powerful tools such as Motion Puppet, Direct Puppet and Face Puppet
You willYou will learn how to render and export your video from iClone 7 learn how to record your animations for later use on other characters
You will learn how to use "Live-Link" to send your character to Unreal Engine for animation and scene setup
You will learn how to setup your scene in Unreal Engine and record the animation there
You will be able to rig and animate a character in Unreal Engine 4 using the Allright Rig plugin and output your animations to video
You will receive the Creature "The Dweller" by Josh P. Crockett - fully rigged and ready to animate
Course includes the full Unreal Engine 4.17 scene - setup and ready to go! (v 4.17 required for the free version of Allright Rig 1.3)
UE4 Scene Contains Allright Rig 1.3 (free version) installed
Full step-by-step instructions on how to setup your characters with Allright Rig 2.0
Instructions on how to prepare your characters for rigging in Allright Rig 2.0
Allright Rig 2.0 Presets for Daz characters: Genesis, Genesis 2, Genesis 3, Genesis 8
Allright Rig 2.0 Presets for Paragon characters: Shinbi and Dekker
A copy of Unreal Engine, which is free. No knowledge of Unreal Engine is required. You will learn the easy, simple steps to get up and running in Unreal Engine quickly and have lots of fun in the process
DAZ Studio 4.1, which is free
Everything you'll learn in this course can be applied to Unreal Engine 5. You can even switch the layout of Unreal Engine 5 back to classic Unreal Engine 4 if you'd like to make it easier to follow along. Keep in mind that Unreal Engine 5 requires a powerful computer to run efficiently, so be sure that your computer is powerful enough to run the program. Unreal Engine 4 runs much faster on less powerful computers, so many people are staying with this version until they can upgrade their machines. Unreal Engine has become a leading resource in the creation of games, animations, television shows and feature films! In this course we will take the absolute beginner from knowing nothing about Unreal Engine 4 and 5 to a workable understanding of:Scene setupImporting assets & charactersLighting setupBasic material setup and applicationThe Sequencer (Unreal Engine's animation & editing timeline)Setting up a simple animationImporting audio into the SequencerRendering your movie out to a movie file for further manipulationSTUNNING CINEMATICSYou will learn how to create a stunning cinematic animation scene in Unreal Engine from beginning to endFREE COPY OF UNREAL ENGINEYou will learn how to get your own free copy of Unreal EngineREAL TIME RENDERINGLearn the benefits of "real-time rendering & animation," a true game changer in the industryEPIC MANNEQUIN CHARACTERYou will learn how to get the awesome Epic Mannequin character along with ready-made animations for your projectSUPER REALISTIC PBR MATERIALSYou will learn how to use realistic PBR (Physically based materials) in your scene to give ultra realismEDIT WITH HITFILM 3 EXPRESSYou will learn how to color grade your scene with HitFilm 3 Express (we'll show you where to get this free program) and upload your finished scene to YouTubeTESTIMONIAL"One word for this course . . . "fantastic." This course is as close to perfection as you can get. The instructor speaks slowly, with enthusiasm. He covers all the necessities without bogging you down with too much info. I love how he gets you having fun quickly with the Sequencer section. The audio is of great quality. His depth of knowledge in a variety of 3d packages is amazing. I am familiar with Daz 3d, Mixamo and Unreal but I learned so many great tips and discovered several things that I was doing incorrectly. I searched YouTube for Unreal Engine 4 sequencer tutorials and found none of them to be satisfactory. After ten minutes with this course, I was very confident with Sequencer. If you are interested in getting Daz 3d characters into Unreal, and a ton of tips and information on top of it, you do not want to miss out on this fantastic course." ~ J JacksonWhat You Will Learn In This CourseIn this course we will cover the steps on how to animate your character in Unreal Engine. This is a project based course, and I've designed it to be really, really fun. All the scene files you will need are included in the course. You will get the Exile Alien character along with 28 motion-capture animations that work with him. You're going to love how easy it is - you just drag and drop your character in the scene and it's ready to go. We're also going to cover lighting, physically based materials, camera movement and much more. Best of all it's fun. DAZ Studio ExportWe will cover how to prepare your Daz Genesis character for export and animation. There are certain steps that need to be taken in order for the character to be able to accept motion-capture animations in Mixamo and then imported into Unreal Engine.Mixamo(Note: Even though Mixamo discontinued direct support for Unreal Engine, this method works by exporting standard Fbx from Mixamo to Unreal Engine 4.)Next, we'll upload your character into Adobe Mixamo and add motion-capture animations. Mixamo is a ton of fun, and super easy to use as you'll see. There are literally thousands of animations in Mixamo, and all you have to do is click on the animated preview and it will be applied to your character. So you're basically auditioning your character using different animations. You can adjust the speed of the animation, and adjust things like the arm spacing as well. Your character won't have his materials or textures applied - we will do that over in Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine 4 - Drag and Drop Animation Inside of Unreal Engine we will have some fun with the Mixamo animations you applied to your character. All you have to do is select your character and drag him into your scene. Hit play, and the animation begins, being rendered in real-time.An Army of Animated Aliens Inside the course, there are 28 animated aliens, ready for you to drag and drop into your Unreal Engine scene for instant animations! In no time at all, you'll have your aliens fighting, jumping, running, or falling. You'll have enough animations to make some really awesome movie scenes. Unreal Engine Sequencer Next up is the Unreal Engine Sequencer, which is very similar to a non-linear editor. We will set up your scene, complete with spaceship interior, Exile alien characters, lights, smoke effects and cameras and get it ready for animation. Sequencer makes it really fun to get your scene set up and feels very similar to being on a real movie set. In fact, I've found that's the best way to think about it - like you're in the real world. Unreal Engine's lighting system behaves like real world lights, so it's very responsive and intuitive, as you will see.Exporting your video file - and rendering in near real time Now we will export your movie in high-definition... in near real time. No longer does it take hours or days to render a single frame. This is a real game changer. Imagine being able to setup, animate and then render 1 minute of finished animation per would be entirely possible to complete a 2 hour feature film in 120 days. Unreal Engine has provided the tools to make this possible some day. HITFILM Express We will then take our rendered video file and bring it into HitFilm Express, or your favorite video editing program. There we will add color grading, music, sound effects and fine tune our edits to prepare our scene for final output. Your finished High-Definition Scene By the end of the course you will have completed your own animation scene from beginning to end and have a good understanding of Unreal Engine's animation workflow.Go ahead and click on the enroll now button to get immediate access to your scene files and get started right away! To recap, you'll get:The Exile Alien Character along with 28 motion-capture animationsThe complete Unreal Engine 4 project with all assetsThe Genesis 2 Male and Female charactersComplete sci-fi spaceship interiorBest of all, it's fun See you on the insideLEARN FACIAL ANIMATION & MORE WITH UNREAL ENGINE 4 & DAZ STUDIOBoth of these outstanding animation programs are free and will allow you to create stunning and highly professional character animations. In this course we will go over the simple techniques that unlock the little known animation powers inside of Unreal Engine. By using the high quality Daz 3d characters, you will learn how to export any morph targets you'd like from Daz Studio and then utilize them inside of Unreal Engine. (Note: Even though there is a Daz to Unreal Bridge there are some issues with it and its good to learn how to do this manually as discussed in this course)REAL TIME ANIMATION RENDERINGBy far one of the most powerful features of Unreal Engine is the ability to see your animations playing in real time as you work. No more slow, sluggish systems that cramp your style and hinder your animation creativity. Unreal Engine is a breeze to use, and best of all ... it's fun. When you're ready to export your animation to an image sequence for later compositing or to a video file, you will be able to render your animation out in near real time. IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN:How to prepare your Daz 3d character for export to Unreal Engine 4 with all the morph targets and expressions you wishHow to use the Puppeteer tool in Daz Studio as a way to export morphs and animationshow to properly import your Daz 3d character with it's skeleton, rigging, morph targets, materials and texturesLearn where the morph sliders are in Unreal Engine and how to use themCreate a realistic blink animation for your characterCreate side to side and up & down eye movements for your characterAnimate mouth movements for speech as well as expressionsAnimate your characters head movementsCreate and animate believable expressionsLearn about amazing new tools that work in conjunction with Unreal Engine 4 such as Allright Rig & AkeytsuPlus much, much moreIncluded In The Course Are Five (5) Fully Rigged CharactersSuper Dude - this character is an original creation by Michael Ricks sculpted in ZBrush. Inspired by the characters from the hit film 'The Incredibles,' Super Dude comes fully rigged with a ton of facial morphs. You'll have an absolute blast right away when you start sliding around the controls and see what hilarious expressions you can make with him. He also comes with the phoneme mouth shapes for accurate lip sync punctuation. Super Dude is based on the Daz 3d Genesis 8 character. Wendy - this cute Toon girl character is also an original creation by Michael Ricks and was sculpted in ZBrush, based on the Daz 3d Genesis 3 character. She also comes with many facial morph and expression controls and will immediately come alive for you in Unreal Engine 4. With her big expressive eyes, you will have her emoting in no time at all.Lil' Frankenstein - this Toon character was also created by Michael Ricks in ZBrush and is based on the Daz 3d Genesis 3 character. Frankie comes with a wide array facial morphs and can create many emotions. You'll have tons of fun with Lil' Frankenstein all year around, not just on Halloween.Billy - also created and sculpted in ZBrush by Michael Ricks, this Toon boy character is based on the Daz 3d Genesis character and comes with a wide variety of facial morphs. You'll have a blast animating Billy.Epic Robot - this way cool robot character is created by Epic Games for the hit VR game Robot Recall. He's a stunning 3d character asset and really fun to animate. He comes with an included animation and sound wave 'roar' so you'll have him up and running right away.NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO LEARN ANIMATION! SO GO AHEAD AND CLICK THE ENROLL NOW BUTTON AND LET'S BEGIN All these characters are included in the course and are for your use both personal and professional for cinematics and film/video use. If you desire to use the characters in an actual game as a playable character you will need to purchase an interactive license from Daz 3d as these characters are based on the Genesis models. At this time, game licenses are running approximately $30-$50 per character for a published game. "The course is well organized and it's a good beginner course. I would recommend this for anybody wanting to learn the basics of unreal engine 4 cloth simulation." ~Robert S "There is essential info concerning clothes in Unreal Engine 4. I had issues about a character and asked help to Michael. His dedication to help you solve your issues is amazing. 5 stars, and I go to follow his other courses. Thanks again Michael for your professionalism." ~Luter L __________________________________________________________________________LEARN HOW TO CREATE AMAZING, REAL TIME CLOTH ANIMATIONIn this course you will learn the simple, easy steps to apply real-time cloth animation to your characters. Once a very difficult task, the folks at Epic Games have made this process a lot easier and actually FUN to do, right inside of Unreal Engine 4.FULLY RIGGED CHARACTERS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS COURSEYou will have access to the amazing Paragon Sevarog and Paragon Narbash characters that are fully rigged and come complete with motion-capture animations.ONLY A FEW SIMPLE STEPS ARE NECESSARYYou will be taken thru the easy step-by-step process of painting cloth weights to create your animation. You will learn how to use the wind tool inside of Unreal Engine 4 to get your character's clothing to blow in the wind! (This is a little known feature)Best of all, the process is simple, and anyone can do it once they follow the steps. YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT PHYSICS ASSETS AND HOW TO CREATE AMAZING ANIMATIONS WITH ITIn this course you will learn about physics assets and how to set it up on your character to create amazing animations that look like it took you days to hand animate. This is one of the hidden features of Unreal Engine 4 that few have figured out how to use. It's amazingly powerful - you're going to love it.ANIMATION ASSETSYou will learn how to create reusable animation assets that can be imported into Sequencer, blended with other animations and then exported out into a cinematic movie file. ENROLL NOWNow is the perfect time to enroll in the course and have fun learning cloth animation in Unreal Engine 4! See you on the insideIMPORTANT: Everything you'll learn in this course can be applied to the new releases of Character Creator 4 and iClone 8. In this course you will learn one of the most powerful animation workflows available today - Reallusion's Character Creator 3, iClone 7 and Unreal Engine Learn how to create an original 3D Character in Character Creator 3Learn how to send your character to iClone 7 ready for animationLearn how to pose and animate your character in iClone 7Learn how to perform facial animation and lip sync with your characterDiscover how to use powerful tools such as Motion Puppet, Direct Puppet and Face PuppetYou will learn how to record your animations for later use on other charactersYou will learn how to render and export your video from iClone 7You will learn how to use "Live-Link" to send your character to Unreal Engine for animation and scene setupYou will learn how to setup your scene in Unreal Engine and record the animation thereYou will also learn how to setup and use the amazing Live Face App for iPhone X, 11, or 12 to create high quality lip sync and facial animations. You're going to love how intuitive and simple it is to create your very own custom character in Character Creator 3. In no time at all you will be creating broadcast and film quality characters that are rigged and ready to animate in iClone 7. You will learn how to apply mocap animations to your character and adjust the animation to your liking - all within iClone 7.After that you will discover the powerful workflow of sending your character and animation to Unreal Engine, using Live-Link, and then record your animation inside of Unreal Engine in real-time. And the best part? It's fun. Now is the perfect time to jump in and learn this powerful workflow that will assist you in bringing your creative vision to life.RIGGING YOUR CHARACTER IN UNREAL ENGINE New: Allright Rig's price has now been lowered to $49.99 in the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Even with the introduction of the new Epic Control Rig, I have found the Allright Rig to be a very helpful tool. It's an all in one tool, where you can rig your character's body and facial morphs, so it is ready for animation in Sequencer. Finally. The Holy Grail of animation (Lip Synch animation) can be done inside of Unreal Engine 4 with the new plugin "Allright Rig 2.0" created by Alexander Shatalov. Complete Unreal Engine 4 Scene FileAllright Rig 1.3 (free version)"Dweller" creature character, fully rigged (created by Josh P. Crockett)Presets for Genesis, Genesis 2, Genesis 3, & Genesis 8 charactersComplete video instruction (over 3.5 hours) on how to rig and animate your character - from beginning to endNo longer do you need to purchase expensive programs such as Maya and 3ds Max to animate your characters - now you can achieve stunning quality with the powerful combination of Daz Studio, Unreal Engine and Allright Rig 2.0 Here is some additional information about the plugin:Modular rigging system allows you to create any kind of rigs.Facial rigging using bones and blend shapes.Baking animation from an animation sequence to the rig and vise versa.Partial animation editing.Pose library.Copy/paste, mirror animation using animation tools.Animation constraints such as parent, point, orient, scale and aim.Animation curve filters such as butterworth, peak removal, simplify curve.Custom Blueprint library.Presets for different character rigs.Open source.ENROLL NOWNow is the perfect time to enroll in the course and have fun learning Unreal Engine. See you on the inside.
Section 1: Introduction: Let's begin - off we go to a quick start
Lecture 1 Preview Video: What you will learn in this course
Lecture 2 Preview Video: Facial Animation & More In Unreal Engine! | 3D Animation
Lecture 3 Preview Video: Learn Amazing Cloth Animation, Simulation and Animation
Lecture 4 Preview Video: Learn iClone 7 | Character Creator | Unreal Engine Pipeline
Lecture 5 Where to get your FREE copy of Unreal Engine
Lecture 6 Let's Take A Tour Of The Epic Launcher
Lecture 7 Create Your First Project and Import The Robot
Section 2: How To Organize & Navigate Your Scene/Level/Map
Lecture 8 How To Create Folders To Organize Your Scene
Lecture 9 How To Save Your Level (Scene)
Lecture 10 How To Hide Scene Icons
Lecture 11 How To Open Different Viewports Such As Top, Side, Left, Right and Bottom
Lecture 12 How To Dock and Undock Windows
Lecture 13 REVIEW: Remember The F Key and ALT Key Are Your Friends
Section 3: Let's Build Some Stuff
Lecture 14 Let's Drag & Drop Some Walls Into The Scene
Lecture 15 Let's add materials to your walls
Lecture 16 A quick look at materials in the Material Editor
Section 4: Unreal Engine's Realistic Lighting System: You're Gonna Love This
Lecture 17 Let's Start By Deleting All Our Lights, Then Add A Directional Light (Sun)
Lecture 18 If you are having a problem getting your scene completely black?
Lecture 19 Contact Shadows: One Of The Keys To Realism
Lecture 20 Now We're Going To Set up your First Point Light
Lecture 21 That was easy! Now Let's Set Up A Spotlight
Lecture 22 Onward to Rectangle Lights
Lecture 23 Onto Some Really Cool Lighting Setups
Lecture 24 The Sphere Reflection Capture
Lecture 25 The Skylight: Lighting With HDRI Images (High Dynamic Range Images)
Lecture 26 Let's Create The Sky
Section 5: Atmospheric Effects
Lecture 27 Atmospheric Fog
Lecture 28 Exponential Height Fog - You're going to love this
Lecture 29 God Rays! The Holy Grail of Lighting Effects
Lecture 30 How About A Little Fire, Scarecrow? Unreal Engine's Amazing Particle System
Section 6: How To Create Amazing Cinematics In Unreal Engine
Lecture 31 First We'll Create A New Level & Add A Character
Lecture 32 Here's The Scene We Are Going To Create
Lecture 33 Next We'll Create An Awesome HDRI Environment
Lecture 34 Add Your Cinematic Camera To The Level and Sequence
Lecture 35 Create a new Level Sequence (Cinematic Sequence)
Lecture 36 Add "Manny," Our Robot Mannequin Character & Animation
Lecture 37 Let's make that camera bad ass and create some advanced settings
Lecture 38 Now Let's Get Some Beautiful Depth Of Field In Our Shot
Lecture 39 Let's Add Some Camera Movement
Lecture 40 Now Let's Add A 2nd Camera
Lecture 41 Preparing Our Project For Export: Production Quality Settings
Lecture 42 How To Export Your Video For Further Editing & Manipulation
Section 7: Video Editing & Color Grading
Lecture 43 FREE Video Editing Program: HitFilm Express
Lecture 44 Let's Edit and Color Grade Our Unreal Engine Clips
Section 8: Where To Get Your Free Daz 3d Genesis Character Bundles
Lecture 45 Where To Get Your Free Genesis Character Bundles
Section 9: Introduction To 3D Character Animation In Unreal Engine
Lecture 46 What You Will Learn About 3D Character Animation In Unreal Engine
Lecture 47 This Is The Unreal Engine Movie Scene You Will Be Creating In This Course
Lecture 48 Download The Needed Programs - all free
Section 10: Resources: All The Course Project Files Needed Are In This Section
Lecture 49 The newest complete Unreal Engine 4.27 Project File
Section 11: Quick Start - Let's Have Some Fun
Lecture 50 Getting around Unreal Engine 4 - A quick tour of the basics of getting around
Lecture 51 Your First Practice Animation Exercise - Let's Jump Right In
Lecture 52 High Definition Video Of Your Practice Scene
Lecture 53 How To Achieve Amazing Depth of Field in Unreal Engine
Section 12: Preparing Your Character For Animation and Export From Daz Studio
Lecture 54 Preparing & Exporting Your Genesis 2 Character
Lecture 55 Preparing & Exporting Your Genesis 3 Character
Lecture 56 DAZ Studio Export - SciFi Interior
Lecture 57 DAZ Studio Export - Genesis 8 Character
Section 13: Mixamo Animation - Now let's make your character move
Lecture 58 An Introduction to the Amazing Adobe Mixamo Animation System
Lecture 59 Uploading Your DAZ Genesis 2 Character To Mixamo
Lecture 60 Uploading your Genesis 3 Character to Mixamo
Section 14: Unreal Engine 4: Lights, Camera...Action
Lecture 61 Import Your DAZ Genesis 2 Character and Mixamo Animations
Lecture 62 Setup Your SciFi Alien Spaceship Interior in Unreal Engine
Lecture 63 Now Let's Setup Light Shafts and Fog Effects for Moodiness In Your Scene
Lecture 64 Adding Your Characters To The Scene
Lecture 65 Add Particle Effects - Smoke, Steam & Fire
Lecture 66 The Unreal Engine Sequencer - Let The Magic Begin
Lecture 67 The Unreal Engine Sequencer: Creating Your 2nd Shot
Lecture 68 The Unreal Engine Sequencer: Creating Your 3rd Shot
Section 15: HitFilm Express - Editing Your Scene
Lecture 69 HitFilm Express: Importing Your Footage & Music
Lecture 70 HitFilm Express: Color Grading Your Footage
Section 16: How To Create Materials In Unreal Engine
Lecture 71 How to export textures from DAZ and create materials in Unreal Engine
Section 17: Get Your free Paragon Characters from Epic Games
Lecture 72 Free Paragon Assets Released
Lecture 73 Awesome things on the horizon! Check this out
Lecture 74 Video: Preview of Unreal Engine 5
Section 18: Important Resources For You
Lecture 75 Quick Start: Getting Around Unreal Engine
Lecture 76 How to prepare your Genesis 3 characters for Mixamo & Unreal Engine
Lecture 77 How To Create and Use Decals In Unreal Engine 4
Lecture 78 How To Apply Root Animation To Your Characters
Lecture 79 How To Get Your Genesis 8 Characters To Mixamo, Then To Unreal Engine
Lecture 80 Here's What's Coming Up Next
Section 19: Introduction To Facial Animation
Lecture 81 What You Will Learn In This Section Of The Course
Lecture 82 Four (4) Rigged DAZ Characters Included with Course
Lecture 83 Character Animation Example with Lip Sync Done With Unreal Engine Sequencer
Lecture 84 Download the Required Free Software Programs (If you haven't already)
Section 20: Course Project Files: Download Your Facial Animation Unreal Engine Project File
Lecture 85 Facial Animation Unreal Engine Project File
Lecture 86 Where To Get Your FREE Genesis Character Bundles
Section 21: From Daz Studio To Unreal Engine
Lecture 87 Getting Morph Targets Into Unreal Engine - Preview
Lecture 88 Preparing Facial Morphs In DAZ Studio using "Puppeteer"
Lecture 89 Getting Your Morphs Into the Daz Studio Timeline
Lecture 90 Exporting Daz Character Fbxj and Importing Into Unreal Engine
Section 22: Setting Up Your Character In Unreal Engine
Lecture 91 Organizing & Preparing Your Scene in Unreal Engine
Lecture 92 Fix character materials, clean up and organize morph sliders
Section 23: Onward To Facial Animations and Expressions
Lecture 93 Let's start animating! How to create a realistic eye blink cycle!
Lecture 94 Look at Me Now! Create a "Turning Eyes" Animation
Lecture 95 Look Who's Talking Now! Create an Open & Close Mouth Animation
Lecture 96 Animating Expressions! Bringing Your Character To Life
Section 24: Head & Body Animation
Lecture 97 Head Animation
Lecture 98 Body Animation
Section 25: Lip Sync Animation And More
Lecture 99 Down & Dirty Lip Sync Animation In Unreal Engine
Lecture 100 Using Audacity For Dialogue Recording
Lecture 101 Recording Dialogue Live Along with Your Character Part 1
Lecture 102 Recording Dialogue Live Along With Your Character Part 2
Lecture 103 Add Secondary Mouth & Body Animation
Lecture 104 Bringing It All Together! Load Your Character & Animation Into The Sequencer
Lecture 105 "Blendspaces" - Amazing fun combining animations in Unreal Engine
Lecture 106 Getting Your Character To Move Forward Over Distances
Section 26: More Cool Animation Tools
Lecture 107 AKEYTSU - The Amazing, FREE, Easy To Use Animation Software!
Section 27: Learn How To Do Amazing Cloth Animation In Unreal Engine
Lecture 108 Learn How To Do Amazing Cloth Simulation, Physics and Animation - Quick Look
Lecture 109 War Drum Scarecrow Physics Animation Example
Lecture 110 Cartoon Girl Example Of Cloth Animation
Lecture 111 Mannequin Toss Physics Asset Example
Section 28: Amazing Cloth Animation In Unreal Engine
Lecture 112 Update: Use Unreal Engine Version 4.26 or 4.27 for this lesson
Lecture 113 Download Unreal Engine 4.26 or 4.27 and Create Your Project
Lecture 114 Download Your FREE Paragon Characters
Lecture 115 Import Paragon Characters To Your Project
Lecture 116 Create Level & Drag Characters Into The New Level
Lecture 117 Weight Painting Your 1st Piece of Clothing
Lecture 118 Weight Painting Your 2nd Piece of Clothing
Lecture 119 Weight Painting Your 3rd Piece of Cloth
Lecture 120 Fine Tune Your Clothing Movement In Skeleton Mode
Lecture 121 Physics Assets with the NARBASH Character
Lecture 122 Create NARBASH Animation Asset
Section 29: Advanced Cloth Simulation and Animation
Lecture 123 Introduction To Advanced Cloth Animation
Lecture 124 Create a New Third Person Project
Lecture 125 Make "Sevarog" a Third Person Game Character
Lecture 126 Add Cloth Settings To Your "Sevarog" Character: Burlap & Heavy Leather
Lecture 127 Add Burlap Cloth Settings To "Sevarog" Character
Lecture 128 Get Cloth To Drape and Drag on the Floor and Other Props
Lecture 129 Create a New Sequence and Add an Animation
Lecture 130 Export Your Animation To Video
Section 30: Setting Up Props For Cloth Simulation
Lecture 131 Import Starter Content To Your Project
Lecture 132 The Rock: We Will Build a Custom Collision Setting For the Rock Object
Lecture 133 The Chair: We Will Build a Custom Collision Setting For the Chair Object
Lecture 134 Congratulations On Finishing This Part Of The Course
Section 31: Learn iClone 7 | Character Creator | Unreal Engine Pipeline
Lecture 135 Up Next: iClone 7 | Character Creator | Unreal Engine Pipeline
Lecture 136 Where To Download Your Trial Versions of Character Creator and iClone
Section 32: Where To Get Your Free Custom Characters Included With This Course
Lecture 137 Where to get your custom characters: "Gork The Alien" and "Funny Looking Guy"
Section 33: Project Files: Gork Alien and Hector, Funny Looking Guy (iClone 7)
Lecture 138 GORK Alien/Hybrid iClone 7 Project File
Lecture 139 HECTOR Funny Looking Guy[iClone 7 Project File]
Section 34: Let's Get Off To A Fast Start and Create Our First Character
Lecture 140 Let's get started by resizing our character's body and head
Lecture 141 Let's give our character a nose job
Lecture 142 Let's plump up those lips
Lecture 143 Toon Girl Ear Shape
Lecture 144 Toon Girl Eyes - The Window To The Soul
Lecture 145 Toon Girl Head Shape
Lecture 146 Toon Girl - Let's Smooth Some Details On Her Head
Lecture 147 Toon Girl - Let's Add Some Beautiful Hair
Lecture 148 Change Eye Color & Eyelashes
Lecture 149 Add SkinGen & Makeup To Toon Girl
Lecture 150 Toon Girl - How To Enlarge The Iris and Pupil
Lecture 151 Toon Girl Teeth Shapes
Lecture 152 Toon Girl Teeth Materials & Colors
Lecture 153 Time To Pick Out Toon Girl's Wardrobe
Section 35: Into iClone We Go
Lecture 154 We Send Toon Girl To iClone & Add Mocap Animation
Lecture 155 Toon Girl - Export Animation
Lecture 156 How To Import Sound Into iClone
Lecture 157 Toon Girl Automatic Lip-Sync With Audio File
Lecture 158 Toon Girl - How To Adjust Lip-Sync Manually & Add Expressions
Lecture 159 Face Puppet Preview Examples
Lecture 160 Toon Girl - Using The Face Puppet Tool
Lecture 161 Toon Girl - Motion Puppet Tool
Lecture 162 Toon Girl - Let's Edit The Motion Layer
Lecture 163 Toon Girl - The Direct Puppet Tool
Section 36: Live Face: Reallusion's Amazing iPhone App for Real-time Facial Animation
Lecture 164 "Manfred" Example Using Live Face App and iPhone 11 - Genesis 8 Character
Lecture 165 Get This Lightning Cable For Your iPhone - You'll Thank Me Later
Lecture 166 Audacity - The Powerful Free Audio Editing Program - where to get and how to use
Lecture 167 Quick Start To Animating With Live Face
Lecture 168 Live Face Lip-Sync With Existing Dialogue Track (ADR, Looping)
Lecture 169 Live Face: How To Record Live Dialogue AND Facial Animation In Real time
Lecture 170 The Power of Layered Animation Expressions
Section 37: The Amazing "Live-Link" : iClone to Unreal Engine Live-Link & Auto Setup Plugins
Lecture 171 Audio Files Needed For This Section
Lecture 172 Quick Start To iClone To Unreal Engine Via Live-Link
Lecture 173 Create Your Unreal Engine Project With Live-Link And Auto Setup
Lecture 174 Transfer Gork The Alien-Hybrid To Unreal Engine
Lecture 175 Get Live-Link Connected And Playing Animation In Both iClone and Unreal Engine
Lecture 176 Record Your Animation In Unreal Engine With Sequence Recorder
Lecture 177 Record Your Animation In Unreal Engine (continued)
Lecture 178 How To Clean Up & Edit Your Animation In Unreal Engine
Lecture 179 Create Sequence & Sync Up Dialogue Track
Lecture 180 Smooth Your Character Mesh In Unreal Engine - Say Goodbye To The Jaggies
Lecture 181 Congratulations, You Finished This Section Of The Course
Section 38: Rigging Your Character For 3D Animation In Unreal Engine 4
Lecture 182 Allright Rig Plugin For Unreal Engine
Lecture 183 Included with the course: "Dweller Creature Character" by Josh P. Crockett
Section 39: Project Source Files
Lecture 184 Unreal Engine Project File Including Allright Rig 1.3 , Characters & Props
Lecture 185 Allright Rig 1.3 Plugin
Lecture 186 The Dweller DAZ character file (for use in DAZ Studio)
Lecture 187 Dweller Character Texture Maps
Lecture 188 Allright Rig 2.0 Character Presets
Lecture 189 The Dweller (Ready For Allright Rig 2.0)
Lecture 190 Where To Get Your FREE Genesis Character Bundles
Lecture 191 Allright Rig 2.0 Documentation
Section 40: Example Videos of Allright Rig in Action Inside of Unreal Engine
Lecture 192 Cartoon Girl Lip Sync Animation
Lecture 193 The Dweller Lip Sync Animation
Lecture 194 The Pixie Animation Test
Lecture 195 Hookah Cat Animation Example
Lecture 196 SHINBI Epic Games Paragon Character Animation Test
Lecture 197 Epic Mannequin Rigged With Allright Rig - Example Animation
Lecture 198 Allright Rig 2.0 Demo Video
Section 41: Getting Started With Allright Rig 1.3
Lecture 199 Quick Start - Let's Have A Look Around The Project
Lecture 200 Quick Start: "The Dweller" Character - Allright Rig 1.3
Lecture 201 Quick Start: Animating Your Character In Sequencer
Lecture 202 Quick Start: Creating Animation Asset & Rendering Your Animation To Video
Section 42: Preparing Your Daz Characters For Allright Rig 2.0 & Unreal Engine
Lecture 203 Introduction: Daz Genesis character differences
Lecture 204 Preparing & Exporting Genesis & Genesis 2 Characters
Lecture 205 Preparing Genesis 3 & Genesis 8 Characters (Re-parenting arm and leg bones)
Lecture 206 Exporting Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Characters Correctly As FBX files
Section 43: Rigging Your Character In Allright Rig 2.0
Lecture 207 Prepare Your Unreal Engine Project and Install Allright Rig 2.0
Lecture 208 Allright Rig 2.0 - New Lower Price
Lecture 209 Import & Rig Your Genesis Character with Allright Rig 2.0
Lecture 210 Create Morph Controllers & Add Morph Targets - Genesis Character
Lecture 211 Let's Create The Rig For Our Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Characters
Lecture 212 Create Rig For Paragon Characters
Lecture 213 Rigging A Character From Scratch Part 1 (Create Animation Blueprint)
Lecture 214 Rigging A Character From Scratch Part 2
Lecture 215 Rigging A Character From Scratch Part 3
Lecture 216 How To Rig A Non-Biped Character (Animals, Creatures, Monsters)
Section 44: Let's Animate: Onward To Sequencer
Lecture 217 Create A New Level For Animation and Add The Dweller Character
Lecture 218 Create Your Cinematic Sequence
Lecture 219 Export Your Animation To Video
Lecture 220 Create an Animation Asset
Lecture 221 Editing With Curves Inside Sequencer With The Curve Graph
Section 45: The Pose Library
Lecture 222 How To Create & Save Character Poses
Lecture 223 Adding Poses To The Sequencer For Pose To Pose Animation
Section 46: Animation Dynamics
Lecture 224 Animation Dynamics - A Dinosaur Whips It's Tail
Section 47: Cool Things and Extras
Lecture 225 Congratulations On Finishing The Course
Lecture 226 MetaHuman Creator
Lecture 227 Video: Preview of Unreal Engine 5
Lecture 228 Free Paragon Assets Released
This course is perfect for anyone with absolutely no knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 that would like to get up and running quickly and without delay. It is also great for those familiar with Unreal Engine 4 that would like to brush up on the basics,Anyone who wants to learn how to animate a character inside of Unreal Engine 4,Anyone who wants to learn how to create stunning cinematic animations inside of Unreal Engine 4,Beginner to intermediate animators who wish to learn facial animation & intermediate animation in Unreal Engine 4,Artists, hobbyists, filmmakers and game developers interested in learning the powerful cloth and clothing tools in Unreal Engine 4,Students who are brand new to iClone 7 or current users who wish to dive deeper into character animation using Character Creator 3, iClone 7 and Unreal Engine,Students who wish to learn a cost-effective, powerful workflow for high quality 3D animation for film, TV or game development,Students who wish to learn how to perform facial animation and lip sync for their digital characters,Anyone interested in learning how to rig and animate inside Unreal Engine 4

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